Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal


Most countries have, as part of their honours system, some form of official award to tangibly express national gratitude for long and commendable service, particularly in fields of endeavour involving potential risk. Canada's Exemplary Service Medals recognize the men and women dedicated to preserving Canada's public safety through long and outstanding service.

The Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal, created on July 7, 1994, recognizes professionals in the provision of pre-hospital emergency medical services to the public, who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency.

Recipients must have been employed with emergency medical services on or after October 31, 1991, and have completed 20 years of exemplary service, including at least 10 years in the performance of duties involving potential risk. Those with at least 10 years of service with emergency medical services may include, in the 20 years of service, service completed in another profession, provided this service has not been recognized by another long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal awarded by the Crown. The Medal may be awarded posthumously.


A circular medal, on the obverse of which is the Star of Life, superimposed on a maple leaf, and circumscribed with EXEMPLARY SERVICE . SERVICES DISTINGUE'S, and on the reverse of which is the Royal Cipher the Medal is suspended from a blue ribbon with two stripes of gold 6 mm in width, equally spaced, and three stripes of Philadelphia orange 2.3 mm in width, centred on the blue areas of the ribbon; a Bar with a stylized maple leaf may be awarded to a recipient of the Medal for each additional 10-year period of service with emergency medical services.

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