Alberta Emergency Services Medal



The AESM is a 3.5 cm circular design with a clasp mounted on top, in a polished nickel color. The inverse side of the medal has an Alberta Wild Rose, circumscribed with the words 'In Service Of Albertans'. On the obverse side of the medal, is the Alberta Shield circumscribed with the words 'Emergency Services Alberta'. The medal is suspended by a ribbon 3.5 cm wide of Alberta blue and three thin white stripes. The blue color represents the Province of Alberta, and the white for good service, loyalty and conduct.


The certificate does not reflect the total years of service the recipient may have within their qualifying emergency services discipline. It is awarded based on twelve years service and this is reflected on the certificate.

AESM Presentation Procedures

AESM Medal and Certificate Presentation Guidelines are under review. Please contact Ernie Polsom at 780-415-0549 for further information.

Qualifying Service - Emergency Services

Eligible for the medal are:

  • Members of the Alberta Fire Service
  • Licensed Emergency Medical Responders,
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Emergency Medical Technologists-Paramedic (EMT-P 
  • Certified Fire Service and Emergency Medical Dispatchers
  • Alberta Emergency Management Agency personnel
  • Alberta Sustainable Resource Development personnel
  • Members of a full time fire service and EMS licensed paramedicine practitioners may also count volunteer or part-time service.


To be eligible for the medal, personnel must have been serving on or after January 1, 2000, in a component of the Alberta Emergency Services. Personnel must have undertaken all required phases of training and duty proscribed by their respective municipalities and ministries, and must be certified by their administrative authority as efficient and in every way deserving of the award.


Nomination for a candidate for the AESM must be based on a total of at least twelve years of service with one or more municipal Emergency Services or with the Fire Commissioner's Office, Emergency Management Alberta or Sustainable Resources in the province of Alberta. Notification of eligibility, plus verification, must be made by the endorsed administrator of the organization.

Nominations must be submitted on the Alberta Emergency Services Medal Nomination Form supplied by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Applications will be processed when received. Notice time of 60 days is required for participation by the Fire Commissioner, Fire Commissioner Staff or other Alberta Provincial Government official.

The AESM and certificate will be mailed care of the Head of the Discipline submitting the application unless otherwise requested. The planning of the presentation ceremony is the responsibility of the discipline requesting the medal.

For more information, please call Alberta Emergency Management Agency at 780-422-9000 Dial 310-0000 for toll free access outside Edmonton.

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